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Items MV-7XP MV-9UP
Technology 2D Inspection 15 Mega Pixel Camera
3D Inspection NA Confocal Sensor
Camera Camera Spec 15 Mega Pixel Color Camera
Resolution 3,904 x 3,904 (Pixel)
FOV 23.42 x 23.42 (mm)
Lens 6㎛
Confocal Sensor Resolution NA 0.1㎛ (신형)
Sampling Speed Max 22KHz (신형)
Measuring Range 2,500㎛ (신형)
Lighting Systrm High brightness Blue Light, Green Light, White Light, Violet Light LED (Able to control each light 255 level)
Type of Defect - Package : No Package, Broken / Burr, Foreign material
- Chip : No Chip, Ink Chip, Model Mixing, Flip, Offset, Rotation, Broken, Epoxy, Crack, Scratch, Foreign material
- Ball : No Ball, Offset, Diameter
-Wire : No Wire, Open, Wrong Tail, Double, Bent, Broken, Short, Foreign material
- Dispensing : Overflow, Underflow
- Package : Tilt, Broken / Burr, Forign Metrial, Mask, Scratch
- Dispensing : Bubble, Foreign material, Scratch
Robot (X/Y Axis) 2 Axis Servo Motor System (X-Axis, Y-Axis) Precision Linear Drive Motor System
Power Requirements Single Phase(s) 200-240V 50~60Hz, 1.1 KW
Air Requirements 5 Kgf / ㎠ (0.5 Mpa)
Software Windows Windows 7 / 64 bit
Machine Size 1,100(W) x 1,500(D) x 1,500(H) 1,250(W) x 1,500(D) x 1,600(H)
Weight Approx. 1,000 Kg Approx. 1,200 Kg