• BOSCH selects our 3D AOI

    The perfect fit for continuous quality improvement

  • A company that prioritizes quality

    Based on stability and reliability, Mirtec provides an inspection solution to the world

  • A company that manufactures
    the best inspection machines.

    With state of art technology, Mirtec provides the best quality improvement solution.

  • A company that prepares for the future

    Using statistical analysis based on Big Data and general M2M communication,
    Mirtec realizes Smart Factory in the Industry 4.0 generation.

Leading Total Quality Solution Provider

As a leader in technology, Mirtec provides a total quality solution.


Mirtec produces excellent products through its unique technology.


With our diligence and competency, Mirtec continuously develops and provides the best service.

Smart Factory Solutions

Our software solution, Intellisys®, gathers the data accumulated over a long period and
build big data and analyzes through statistical methodologies to track the cause of defectives.
Moreover, the equipment can be managed and controlled from a remote location,
which efficiently improves processes.



Mirtec's AOI, equipped with the best performing camera in the industry as well as
projector and lighting system, combines the precise measurement, clear image, and advanced
analysis algorithms to create the best inspection environment.



Mirtec's SPI has secured high precision and repeatability by adopting a leading optical
technology, superior than other technologies applied to general SPI. Based on this advantage,
the SPI can be used for general SMT as well as semiconductor productions as the SPI can
detect the very minimal amount of solder paste for defectives.



Mirtec's distinguished technology will guide any clients to the solutions for
inspection problems of semiconductor or LED productions.


Mirtec Co., Ltd.

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